About Us: Poor credit hurdle jumpers

People ask us all the time how we can provide online car loans without charging a fee?

Here's the answer. Car dealers originally turned to poor credit history customers as a way to expand their customer base. What they discovered over time is that special finance customers were grateful for the chance and loyal to the people who had treated them right. That meant they turned into excellent referrals for new customers. A free referral is no small thing to a dealer, as they average spending hundreds of dollars per car on advertising and marketing. Free repeat customers are just plain gold.

People also ask us what kind of interest rate they can expect, and it's not a dodge when we say it depends. Yes, your credit score is a big factor, but other factors are in your control, such as how old (or how new) your new car may be.

Another frequent question is why we work only through franchised auto dealerships. The answer there is simple, too. That's how most banks and credit unions work. Some 80 percent of all car purchases are handled this way, and that's just the world we have to work in.

Finally, another question we get is why we will only provide auto loan details in a person-to-person meeting. We believe this is an obvious security benefit to you -- we don't have to remind you of all the identity threats out there right now -- but there's another benefit for you as well. A lot of people wind up driving away in a new car the day of the appointment, which is a lot better than waiting for a check to arrive in the mail.

Remember, there's no obligation. If you need help with a poor credit history auto loan, click here.

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