Resources For Poor Credit Auto Loans

Car loan calculators
Here's a simple online auto loan calculator; here's one more complex.

Car reviews and research
We've always been pleased when digging around, the Kelley Blue Book, and MSN Autos. At Auto Loan Central, you'll find extensive research on the best cars for bad credit history customers.

Car finance
A great research section at (look for the key finance tips link on the home page).

This bad credit car loan site notes how you can get a luxury car with a credit ding, while this site specializes in easy car financing. We can also point out a site dedicated to better auto loans, a site known as the Auto Loan Doctor, a site specializing in really bad credit car loan help, and finally, proof there are plenty of ways to find quick car credit.

Loans in certain areas:
Poor Credit Car Loans serves only the U.S.; here's a link for Canadian car loans.

We can also point you to sites catering to Florida loan customers, Georgia bad credit car loans, New York auto loans online, Ohio car loans, Virginia bad credit car loan financing, car loans in Michigan, car loans in Texas, bad credit auto loans in Washington stateand Colorado auto loans online.

Grand-daddy of them all
This bad credit car loan site essentially started the special finance auto industry. It's sister site can help you with bad credit car loans, too.

No hassle car loans is back. See about no hassle used cars or new cars. Sister site just came back in spring 09 -- look for no haggle used cars on the Web.

Just flat one hot car Audi convertible
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